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10 March 2010

tag english pu3iman


Aku takde idea nak update so aku merajinkan diri membalas tag Pu3iman yang kedua. Dia panggil aku pakcik? Panggil la abang. Huh.... :(

01 .:.:. Are you currently in a relationship?
No. I don't have a ship. That means I'm hot but single and available.

02 .:.:. Have you ever been given a rose?
No. So please give a bouquet of rose to me.

03 .:.:. What is your all-time favorite love story movie?
I think it was Proposal Daisakusen. To preview this movie, click here.

04 .:.:. Are you in love right now?
Maybe no. I don't trust love anymore. But I think I like Yana's style.

05 .:.:. Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate?
Yes. Sourmate is a candy that you can buy for two with only 10 cents.

06 .:.:. What's your current problem?
Easy to get bored. I tak tahu dalam Bahasa Melayu apa.

07 .:.:. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes. What you give you get back. I get it back now.

08 .:.:. Your thoughts on online or long distance relationships?
I don't believe in love.

09 .:.:. Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
Yes. My friend is more than that. They are my brothers. GC Forever.

10 .:.:. The person you're with right now?
I'm alone in the dark right now. Someone please turn on the light.

11 .:.:. I tag :
Anybody that think I'm not cute. Please answer this unless you agree that I'm cute. Then comments this post as a signal that you denied what I say.

Hahaha. Serius fucking LoL.

His sister said, this guy looks cute in this photo. Kawaii.



mUcha cha said...

salam Apih El Nino....

maaf sebab saya amat sukakan blog bila hati bersuara~
bernafas dalam ego..............

apa yg u all katakan macam samaje apa yg i rasa dlm hati ini...

keep on moving!
do ur very3 BEST Bernafas Dalam E.G.O

mUcha cha said...

lupa nk bagi taw...
comel kot...

thanks alot
Apih El Nino

sebab buat blog Bernafas dalam EGO...
BEst sangat3!

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