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30 October 2011

the tag from macqueenjoy blabberin

Thanks to MacQueenJoy Blabberin' for tagging me this one ;)

1) Must post these rules.
2) Post 11 things about themselves in their post.

3) Answer the questions that those tagger set you in their post and create new questions for the people you're tagging to answer.

4) Have to choose 11 people to tag in your post
5) Don't forget to tell them that they were tagged

6) No tag backs!

7) No stuff in the tagging section stating something like "You are tagged if you are reading this". By reading these rules you are trusted to have legitimately tagged 11 people.

Eleven things about me, not about you

01. People call it Ego,
some call it arrogant, I call it confident.
02. I don't care if it's midnight, I eat when I want to.
03. I save a file as 'asdfdsdafa' because I'm too lazy to write a proper name.

04. I love to sleep during rainy days and hide under my blanket.

05. I don't sleep enough at night because I stay up late for no reason.

06. I always smile when I remember good memories.

07. I keep repeating a song that describes exactly how I feel.

08. I hate when people bring up a mistake I made a long time ago.
09. I wish cancer got cancer and died.

10. I save titles of songs as drafts so I can remember them later.

11. I continue to argue even when I know I'm wrong.

Questions from MacQueenJoy Blabberin'

01.If you were given three item, IMac, IPhone 4 and Ipad, which one will you pick?
IPhone 4. Then jual Iphone 4 dan beli Blackberry.

02. Do you love shopping?

I love shopping very much!

03. What chocolate you love the most?

Famous Amos? Cadburry pun boleh. Tapi kalau orang bagi free ambik je.

04. If you're given the chance to meet those KPop superstar, what you gonna do with her/him?

Suruh dia belanja makan. Duit banyak tu. Hahaha.

05. If your KPop superstar lost in your country and then he at last stuck in front of your house, will you let her/him to sleep overnight just to let him rest a night?

Yes. Only if he or she is a famous superstars.

06. Do you think Koreans are fake?
I mean their look are they original or plastic made?

Even if they are fake, I will always, always love Girls Generation.

07. Do you believe in love?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

08. What will you do if one of your KPop superstar like and wanna make relationship with you, will you?

No matter who they are, I just want an honest relationship. No lies. No mind games. No cheating.

09.Do you watch Korean drama?

Just Running Man.

10. Do you like to eat mushrooms?

Nope. Mushrooms sangat comey. Tak sampai hati nak makan.

11. What subject you like the most in school and why?

School? Bahasa Malaysia Penulisan. I like to write an essay!

Now, my eleven questions

01. Pada pendapat anda, adakah ikan merasa dahaga?

02. What are you listening to right now?

03. Binatang ganas yang anda teringin sangat nak bela?

04. Who last made you smile?

05. Kenapa button 'Space' di keyboard sangat panjang?
06. What is right beside you now?

07. Bila kali terakhir anda sebut 'I Love You'?

08. Who is the last person you talked on phone?

09. Satu tempat yang anda betul-betul nak pergi dan kenapa?

10. What is your all-time favourite love story drama/movie?

11. Apakah anda sedang bercinta?

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ps : Esok entry jawab tag jugak. Ada dua lagi tag nak dijawab ;)


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