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26 February 2011

all things girls want guys to know


Remember this guys.
Boys and girls, as a normal human being, we need each other.

01. We love when you cuddle with us.

02. A kiss on the cheek is a definite yes.

03. We want you to put your arm around us at the movies.

04. We don't care if you are the strongest guy in the world.

05. Size doesn't matter so don't tell us.

06. We don't always look our best so get over it.

07. We shouldn't have to plan everything.

08. We are always ready to talk so call us.

09. We are not perfect so deal with it.

10. We love surprises.

11. The little thing you do mean the most.

12. We are not always giny girls.

13. We can like boy stuff too.

14. Cursing and fighting don't impress us.

15. Don't be mean to us to get our attention.

16. Don't tell us who is hot because we don't care.

17. We can tell when you're not listening so listen up.

18. When you saw we are cold that's our invitation to come closer.

19. Hugs mean more sometimes.

20. We need your advice sometimes so don't be afraid to give it to us.

A girl, no matter how many times she denies it, will always remember every detail, every moment, every piece of the memories you've left her. No matter how much she tries to forget, it will forever be there.



dakpipimerah said...

wow,,, nice one,, hug me more!!haha

missamy said...

nice entry :)

Nobita Sensei said...


sicomot-comel said...

jgn menyakat kitorang semata2 nak dapatkan perhatian..

ni selalunya lelaki yg ego nak luahkan perasaan sendiri,sebab tu lah dia sakatnya pmpn yg dia suke =D

betul tak???

PinkLuscious said...

weeeiii..sukeee.. %%

ah ten teng said...

pih..ayat mu hok ngelah kali or mmg sgt sgt sgt betol..bjop ar mu..mne mu taw eh?

Apih El Nino said...

@ sicomot-comel .

tu salah satu taktik jugak :)

@ ah ten teng .
pengalaman yang ajar aku semua tu :)

sarah honey said...

i hope my bf baca ini..

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