My Dongsaeng. My Oppa. My Noona.

25 February 2011

another mirror story about my love


Try to look into the mirror
And count all your hair
Just want to let you know
That's how much I care

Look into the mirror again
After you bathed in the rain
Drops of water on your body
Is my love that you'll gain

Put two mirrors in front of each other
And stand in the middle
The reflections among reflections
Like a room full of needle

The reflections go on and on
Eternity as the time when it's begun
This is how long you will be in my heart
And stay to be the only one

Smash your precious mirror
With bare white knuckles
The pain struck like thunder
If you ever leave me like a rotten apples

The mirror is now shattered
Into tiny bits and pieces
How broken my heart will be
Uncared by thousand of kisses

Aku jiwang. Bosan kan bila aku jiwang? Hahaha....



Aimifiqa said...

jiwang nyer! hehe^^

Azewas said...

mmg bosan wehhh...hahahah....cbe jdi lg jiwanggg.....bru x bosan...

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