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07 February 2011

math tells us 3 saddest love stories


There are many sad love stories in this world. Everybody knows about Titanic. But I would like to tell you about another sad love stories. About Math, or Mathematics. Math tells us 3 of the saddest love stories.

Parallel lines, who are never meant to meet.
Tangent lines, who are together once and parted forever.
Asymptotes, who could only get closer and closer, but could never be together.

I don't know others people feeling, but when I tried to relate it to people and their love story, it made me think which situation is the saddest. Parallel? Tangent? Or asymptotes?

For parallel lines, you don't know what you lost since you never ever met. When you never had a chance to meet, you never had a chance to experience the lovely things you might have experienced. You'll never met, so how you want to love?

I think it's sad for tangent's story, because you know what you lost and you cannot get it back. Look at at the tangent lines, no matter how far you extend tangents, they would never meet again.

Maybe the asymptotes is the worst one. Even the graphed curve and the line can get really, really close, but that's just it. You can scretch an asymptote to infinity, or the distance between them becomes smaller than any distance, but it will never be zero.

So which one is the most saddest love story for you?

ps : Kalau tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu, ayat dia jadi pelik sebab aku belajar Math dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Kredit kat Yaya sebab ajar aku Math tadi. Tengok la blog dia. Hehehe...



Eyka said...

nice..suke!! ^^

She's retarded said...

best entri ni!

APi said...

senang sket nak ingat eh..
aku pon belajar math..^^

cik marina encik norman said...

tangent is my story. sad.

Halimatun Sa'adiah said...

aisshhh...susah nk phm sbb sy blaja math dlm bhse mlyu..

shazreena yusof said...

i never thought of it. good job!

aNnE said...

nak perpendicular lines la kalau macam tu..haha

puterydaisy said...

terbaekkk ~ sgt sgt sgt sukew ini entry. HAHA !

p/s : kalo eyda bace konpem mengamuk.

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