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09 February 2011

maybe i am just not good enough


Don't come back to me, asking for a chance. I gave you one, but you were too blinded to see it. So when I finally find someone who I could possibly fall in love with, don't come by saying that I never gave you a chance. I gave you one, a big one. The ball was at your feet, but you decided to kick it out, not score a goal. I was in love with you for so long. I waited, but I'm done waiting.

It's Over | Waiting for you to love me is like waiting snow in a summer

Hey you, just ignore me after this. I'm still the same if we ever meet again. Just as I told you before we suddenly stop talking to each other, I'm never gets tired of loving. I know, no one in this world ever gets tired of loving. But everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, saying sorry, hearing promises and all the hurting.

Rainbow After Rain | You must cry before you can smile

"Apih! Don't forgive her! You can forgive but you can't forget!"

My voices in my head saying that.

Nevermind, I don't forgive people because I'm weak. But I forgive them because I'm strong enough to understand that people make mistakes.

I Am Only Human | I'm sorry I can't be perfect

You can give me a million reasons why I shouldn't have to do this. But I can give you a million reasons why I'm proud to do this.

This entry doesn't mean anything to me. I just wrote what was on my mind.



Azewas32 said...

terharu ak pih..huhuhuh.....sabo2....

kahirie said...

sekali skeaping da....hah

pelangi said...

sume macam cerita aku...

bugs Carroct said...

mmg terbaikk

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